in other news: new season of Curb premieres tonight

I’ve spent the day by myself.  This will serve as an explanation for whatever I say.

I haven’t gotten hardly anything done this weekend.  I’m not really surprised or upset about this, but I probably should fix that.  Yesterday I spend the afternoon chatting up a new friend at a coffeehouse.  It was really kind of cool.  We met to have lunch and I didn’t get home until three-thirty.  Neat.

I just got harassed by some guy who works for Residential Life.  I’m terrified.  I also think I might be losing my voice.  Mrph.  THIS IS WHY I DON’T STAY HOME.

Gah.  College students are jerks.  Okay, I’ll correct myself: undergrad gentlemen are jerks.  And I’m not referring to Mr. RA who just scared the pants off of me (and no, Stacy, we did not have sex due to my lack of pants).

Example: I just got back from the dining hall a little while ago where I was half-heartedly munching on the elusive North Alaskan Square Fish (disgusting and burnt) and the saddest green bean casserole I’ve ever seen.  I went up to drop my dishes off to be cleaned and was cut off by Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Chach.  I was standing at the conveyor belt, very obviously holding soiled dishes, when these guys barreled past me to fling their dishes at the poor student workers and make what I’m sure they titled ‘witty commentary’ on the subject.  Then, once their sainted asses had at last allowed me to set down my dishes as well, half of the Chachland National Guard (which, I’m assuming, they are co-commanders of) formed a phalanx behind me, effectively cutting me off from all civilized life and my way home.

Why?  Why was any of this necessary?

I know that I’m That Kid who sits in the corner of the back room by herself, reading Stephen King and actually eating her vegetables, and I know that I’m about a foot below the eye-level of most eighteen-year-old boys.  I am aware of what a lot of people would call my short-comings (and, yes, they would intend that pun).  But I am breathing, for Christ’s sake.  I do have interests, aspirations, and needs.  I know I’m an incredibly flawed and confused person, but I’m relatively polite, occasionally charming, and not nearly as disgusting or rude as all of the douchemongers who for some reason have decided to stalk my every move this year.

I hate the fact that I have grown out of college.  The ‘Real World’ doesn’t seem any more real or any less irritating, but at least I can feel superior to these idiots because I’ll have my fuckin’ diploma.



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