i took a snapshot

This morning, I  made the mistake of trying to trim my bangs.  You can imagine the hilarity that arose from this situation.  Thankfully, it is winter and, thankfully, I own hats.

I’ve realised recently that life right now is pretty much okay.  School is tedious and pointless, with brief moments of blind panic (often when I realise I have an x number-page paper due the next morning) and utter frustration (which usually occur after the reveal of the x number-page papers).  But it’s okay.  Rehearsal is kind of a joke right now as I have lost the ability to care about what happens to this show.  And every now and then something really pisses me off about the show and I bitch about it for a little while, but it becomes a non-issue just as quickly as it appears.

As for me, personally?  I’m just fine.  Everything is fine.  And when it’s not ‘fine’, it’s usually ‘good’ — or maybe ‘vaguely irritating’ — and then it goes back to being ‘fine’.  I’m in a pretty good state emotionally.  And as long as I don’t think about shit with the show or shit back home, everything remains fine.  I do my laundry and I take out my trash and I drop off Donovan’s recycling (because there’s not a place to do it in Du Quoin and I’ve been on his ass about his plastic use) and sometimes I have papers to write or readings to finish or bad haircuts to give myself, and it’s all just pretty much fine.

It’s kind of nice to be fine.  I can tell you that it’s terribly addictive.

And I keep thinking that once the snow melts and the show closes and I get into a real routine, things will go from ‘fine’ to ‘great’.  And ‘great’ would be a really, really nice thing to be.  I’d like to be ‘great’ for a while.  I’m not ‘great’ very often.

It’s also kind of nice to write a post that doesn’t involve me having existential crises all over the interwebs.