shameless bit of self-(though not entirely)promotion

Hey there, internet. How’s it going?

Sometimes I write book reviews with some of my friends from Borders. Today I put up a new review for Party Wolves in My Skull, a fun book written by a very good friend of mine. If you’ve got a few minutes, check out the book review. And if you like what you see, consider picking up a copy from the Amazon store of your choice. It’s a fun book and a very quick read. Plus, you’ll be helping a young author who’s just starting out to achieve his dreams. And you just can’t put a price on that.

There’s inspirational music in the background of those last two lines. You can probably hear it.


on an island in the blue bay

You’d think with all of the time I spend on the computer, I’d have the decency to blog every now and then.

Life has reached an interesting place. I’m working a secure job. My finances aren’t in complete shambles (or at least not all the time). I have an apartment. The cat is fed. The show is open. And it turns out I don’t have kidney stones after all. I’ve started writing again. I’m finally learning to play my mandolin. Things are good. Things are oddly good. It helps to recognise this because it seems that the lives around mine are hectic and uncertain. Empathy requires me to feel that uncertainty and I get focused on the problems of those I love. It’s good to step back every now and then and observe that I, myself, am relatively lucky right now. My life is not exciting, but at least it’s kind of stable.

I’m having one of those rare periods of time where I actually feel like an adult. I get up in the morning and go to work. I make my own dinner and feed other people when I can. I’m buying Chrismukkah presents for people with my own money and balancing my budget and doing all of those Adult things that you have to do. I realised today that I have an engagement party to go to this weekend and it kind of floored me. When did all of this happen? When did this kind of responsibility show up? I don’t think I like it at all.

All of that being said, though, I do still manage to write porn and stay up until one o’clock in the morning. This, dear readers, is called ‘balance’.

I don’t really know if I have much to say today. I just realised that I was feeling good about life today and I don’t write down when that happens very much. It’s nice to look back and remember that I wasn’t a whiny tit all of the time.

and i do not know my own way to the sea/but the saltiest sea knows its own way to me