there’s this nagging suspicion

Today I had one of those moments of sudden realization that vastly improve life more than you’d ever imagine. I was looking at some runway pictures because that’s apparently something I do now and I noticed that in the light of the cameras I could see hair on the models’ thighs. Runway models! Who spend their entire lives being dressed and undressed and photographed and manhandled by G-d knows how many people!

Models don’t shave their thighs, guys. Do you know how wonderful this is?

I feel like if I ever have children — and especially if I have daughters — I’m going to be one of those obnoxious parents who leave inspirational messages all over the house for them to find. But instead of inspiring, they’ll be things like, ‘If you pop that pimple, I will light your Bieber CDs on fire’ and ‘No one cares about your thigh hair; the internet told me so’. And they will be forever embarrassed of me and wonder why the universe has cursed them with such a ridiculous mother.

My father has taught me so well.


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  1. divinebear
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 15:21:44

    Hair, and what you do about it, is a very longterm human concern. Just remember, most aspects of hair are about current and local style. It is difficult to discern what one’s own interests in hair are because one is part of the current zeitgeist. I think manscaping is very weird, but apparently many others do not. Ah well. Self worth is something one should define for one’s self. But, being a herd animal, we are always looking around trying to see what everyone else is up to. Runway models are too f-ing skinny. But, it’s a minor art form, clothes fashion, and everyone sort of participates. I look at some fashion stuff (, and sometimes it does seem like high art (mcqueen), but much of the time it is sort of like going to a high school dance. Posing. Or what was it Madonna had? Vogueing? A style from the 80s. Oh well. Time passes. T.hings will be different next year. Count on it. Audrey Hepburn, though, will always be cool. And, maybe, Marilyn. The Goddess is always with us.


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