on previous writing adventures

Hi, there, internets!

I had a question recently about my nearly-forgotten erotica relic, Panda’s Page of Porn.  As Tim brought up, I haven’t posted anything to it in, oh, about a million years.  This makes me a little sad inside because that means I haven’t been writing anything super-dirty.  Which is a shame, because I really could write for Harlequinn if I wanted to.


I discovered this evening that I have managed to lose my username and/or password to get into this particular account.  Furthermore, the account was established before Blogger joined forces with Google and started doing all of its business that way.  This means that, since I didn’t have a Google account with this blog and haven’t ever converted it over (so far as I know), it may very well be impossible for me to ever log in to this account again.  Ever.

If this is the case, I’m thinking about just moving all writerly activities to a separate account, probably on WordPress, and taking things from there.  I’m gong to wait until I get back to school, just to see if I have some super-secret password hidden somewhere in my records before I make that final decision, but things aren’t looking so good for my former Blogger life.

But yes.  That’s what’s going on.  You may now return to your life.


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  1. Asbjorn
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 15:37:15

    Well that is the true story of the digital age. I forgot my username. I forgot my password. The system has locked me out of my own reality. Computers bite. And they do, they do. I think you are wise to consolidate literary projects, net-wise. I realise I have never asked you this, but my poetry blog is now invited readers only and I never asked if you would like an invitation. this comes up primarily because you have to have a google account to log onto it. Of course it is easy to set one up, but still it is another layer of hassle thrust upon us in the digital age. Why can’t it just use voice recognition software to establish my actuality? Or analyse my grammatical structure. Or something. Well. Anyway, I’ve been posting some pretty dirty poems, so this post brought that up, also. I hope you are back in carbondale. I talked to Paige Saturday night. She seems hassled, but pretty good. She just has too much to do. I talked to my son yesterday; Tricia, his wife, is due March 29th. They are having another girl, my second granddaughter. Cool, huh? Hey Paige is talking about coming here at the end of January. You should train up and see her/us. I know, it’s too expensive. Times are too damn tight. I hope you are well and having some fun.


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