why would you wanna go on the list?

I spent the last two days with my grandparents.  Yesterday (Monday) was really good.  We drove out to my da’s parents house and spent the day visiting.  ‘Visiting’, I have learned, actually means sitting around and talking about who has died, who’s gotten married, who’s in prison, and who isn’t talking to whom anymore.  During this whole period, I didn’t say a whole lot (what did I have to contribute anyway?), but it was really cool getting to spend time with my grandparents again.  My grandfather gave me a five dollar gold coin from 1909.  It belonged to my grandmother’s father, I think.  Da kept saying ‘Grandpa Po.’, which usually means *his* grandpa: my great-grandfather.  I’m going down to the jeweller’s with Da tomorrow; we’re going to have it re-framed and put on a chain.  I’m excited.  I think this is the first thing Grandpa John’s ever given me directly.  It’s really special to me.

Today’s grandparent visit was not so great.  Of course, visiting those grandparents never, ever is.  When I got home and was telling my mum about it, she got really quiet and dismissive.  So I got frustrated.  Because that’s how I am.  Da came downstairs a little later and told me off a bit  for saying anything.  Apparently, Mum thought I was being ‘disrespectful’.  As always when I come to BTown, it’s high school all over again.  Jeez louise.  

I’m moving back south next week.  I feel like the past four years of my life has been nothing but packing and unpacking boxes.  Oh well.  *packs another box*  I guess I’ll think of it as a ‘mobile lifestyle’.  Really I’m just a bloody nomad.  Have I graduated yet?  New life plan: finish school.  Graduate.  Move to Chicago.  Work at a children’s theatre.  Go to Clown College next August (maybe?).  Stop being crazy.  Eventually go to grad school, possibly at DePaul, programme TBD.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  This is what happens when I listen to too much Okay.

Paiga gets in town day after tomorrow.  Cannot cannot cannot wait.


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  1. asbjorn
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 21:08:53

    I moved seventeen times in the first two years after high school. This includes multiple different rooms in several dorms, as well as apartments and shared house situations. Being a gypsy is both hard and fun. Anyway, what else are you gonna do? I managed not to go back to Wichita until I was in my early thirties. Then it was high school all over again, for about four months. Don’t believe me? Ask Becky, she was with me at that point and we lived in my parents’ basement and ran around with my weird little brother who’s a pysch prof in arkansas these days but who lived at home until my folks died when he was in his forties. Do not do that.

    And moving stuff around is just moving stuff around. You guys have more stuff than we had (videos, games, computers, phones), but a lot of our stuff was heavier (books mainly, drug paraphenalia, vast quantities of manuscripts). It is what it is, just keep moving. I think you would like living in a city. It’s fun when you are young and unattached or willing to be attached in various different ways.

    Hey, its nice to read you agtain. Send me a link to my email blog, this computer is very flaky and we’ve been using Kimb’s new box which doesn’t have the link. Hope you are having some fun. Paige sounds mucho hassled. Bye now. Tim


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