your father’s body was judgement day

I’ve been back in BTown for about a week now.  I have yet to get into an outward fight with my mother, which is bloody miraculous, if you ask me.  I’ve hung out with Boz twice, Stacy one and a half times, I’ve made vague plans to see Christie, and I’m going up to Chicago Monday morning.  I forget how frustrating the corn fields can be.  …Well, not really, but sometimes I can pretend to forget in favour of thinking there’s something more exciting after finals.

For anyone who didn’t hear, there was an ‘inland hurricane’ in Carbohnduhlay last weekend.  Trees were knocked down like crazy, the power was out until this past Wednesday, there was a boil order placed on all tap water, and everyone was more than positive that the apocalypse had, in fact, come.  I spent Friday night at my friend Amy’s house with some friends, talking about religion, family, and politics and eating boiled hot dogs.  It was wonderful.  Getting home on Saturday was hell on wheels up until I got out of Du Quoin, but I think getting home for a shower was totally worth the stress-induced panic attack I had once I hit St. Johns.  

So, yes.  BTown.  I forget, sometimes, how stressful my house is.  It hasn’t been too bad, thankfully, and I found where Mum and Da keep the doggie downers.  This is wonderful news.  I’ve been having really weird, uncomfortable dreams since I got back.  This morning, I dreamed about stage managing all of the shows next semester, which would more or less cripple my department because no one would learn how to do it and I’m graduating next May.  A few days ago, I dreamt I was doing speed with my ex-boyfriend at this very illegal high school party.  The only good part of this dream was that we went to see Star Trek while we were still under the influence.  Unfortunately, I woke up before that part happened.  Thus, tragedy.  Do not want.

It’s nice to be with my cat, though.  I’m celebrating by getting rejected every time I try to cuddle him.  He’s celebrating by mauling my arms every chance he gets.  I miss him when I’m at school.

This is a pretty lousy update.  I need to get back to writing substantial blogs.  Alas!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thedunce
    May 16, 2009 @ 18:52:12

    I’m working on my bed and both my cat and my girlfriend’s cat continue to insist on sitting in my lap–so the work is slow-going.

    I don’t remember my dreams these days, lame.


  2. Stacy
    May 20, 2009 @ 03:32:28

    just wanted you to know that i did not die. and that sweet tea and ice was awesome.


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