in time the snow will rise

Oh boy, Xmas.

Break’s been okay, more or less.  There have been a lot of really shitty parts and a couple really awesome parts, and other than that it’s been pretty cut-and-dry boring.  Donovan came up last weekend (was it really only last weekend?  Jesus, that seems like a long time ago!) and he got to meet my family.  That went pretty well, I think.  Da hasn’t said much of anything, but that’s usually a good thing; Mum says she really likes him; my brother wasn’t a huge asshole.  Hooray and such.  We drove over to Champaign so he could meet with a professor there.  He was thinking about attending U of I for his PhD, and he really wanted to meet with the head of military history over there.  The guy was a bit crazy: we were there for almost two hours and he more or less never stopped talking.  Sadly, I think he made Donovan change his mind about attending the school.  It’s a shame how one teacher can do that to a student.  Somedays I really hate academia.

But he was here and that was lovely and I miss him blah blah blah.  You know the drill with all that mushy crap.

Recently, I and my entire immediate family acquired a pretty rough bout of stomach flu/food poisoning/digestive ebola.  We’re pretty sure Justin got it from his boss and then gave it to all of us, but it came on so fast that I’m not entirely sure that’s the case.  He had the hangover from hell this weekend which continued for two days straight, during which time he felt the need to get his nasty-ass germs all over my bed.  Why?  Because he is a GIANT CHACH.  Fucker.  So I got sick, and then Mum got sick, and then Da got sick.  Happy campers.

Mine came on right after dinner on Monday night.  I was up more or less all night with it, and then slept most of the day yesterday.  Feeling better now, kind of, though I’m very regretful that I came in to ‘work’ today.  I should be in bed.  My body is telling me to go to bed.  <i>I</i> am telling me to go to bed.  Really wish I would heed my own advice.  My belly’s kind of swollen, too, though this may just be me lying to myself (I’m not a fatty; my belly’s just swollen!).  Mum was doing okay-ish yesterday: she was kind of jaundiced and pathetic, but she didn’t throw up anymore.  Da was in and out of the bathroom all day, poor guy, and still looks real peaky today.  I have a feeling that Christmas is somewhat cancelled so far as church and grandparents and stuff like that is concerned.  Thank heaven for small favours.

Meanwhile, it’s Chanukah.  I haven’t been up on it like I should be (I refuse to feel bad for this: I’ve been vomiting profusely), but it’s still a nice thing to think about.  A lot of friends have called and sent presents (omg Paige) and done things like that, which hasn’t really ever happened.  It feels nice.  I like it.  It’s not very often the holidays are nice for me.

I’m going up to Chicago next weekend to see everyone.  I cannot wait.  I’ll only be there a couple of days, so I don’t know if I’ll get to see everyone.  There’s never enough time.  Blargh.  Similarly, I’m heading back to school a bit early: partly to escape my mother and partly to see Donovan’s family.  It’s all so very domestic, I’m sure.

But for now I’m sitting in the office at my parents’ church, doing my best not to pass out or throw up on everything.  Only two more hours before I get to go home.  Jeez louise.  I hope all of you are doing much, much better than I am.  Be safe in this shitty weather.


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  1. erik
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 18:41:25

    you should call me when you are healthy/in town/not busy. i’m here through the sixth, and i usually don’t have any plans until about six o’clock when i get tired of my house and go over to chrissy’s. has it really been since summer since i’ve seen you? shame! in conclusion, call me.

    p.s. your post title reminds me of a time when i was living on the twenty-sixth floor of a building in downtown chicago. i can’t explain the physics of what makes such a thing happen, but when i looked out our windows one winter morning, the snow was falling upwards in slow motion. i stared at it for like fifteen minutes straight. very pretty!


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