this might be tedious. you were warned.

It’s been an eventful week or so.

Raisin in the Sun managed to get mostly cast with minimal incident.  Apparently one of the auditionees had a class five meltdown because she didn’t get cast, but this particular auditionee has pretty epic fits whenever her shoes get untied, so I wasn’t terribly shocked by this.  We’re still in design meetings, so I don’t get to work with actors for a while, but I’m okay with that.  My director (who is also my teacher for half of my classes) has decided that I am now stage manager OF HIS LIFE.  I’m deciding to feel complimented by this.

Classes are beastly right now.  I’ve got two short papers due this week, a play due on Tuesday, then a final project, a forty minute play, and at least two papers (one that’s fifteen pages in length) due by the end of the semester.  Thanksgiving Break is gonna be kind of hectic.  Oh, lord.  Mostly, I’m just feeling pressed for time, and even more pressed for inspiration.  I know it’ll be fine and I’ll do well and all that, but it’s just a little scary right now.

I’ve got a new room!  It all happened in a huge rush (I found out on Monday that I had to be moved in by Wednesday.  …Yeah.), but it’s mine now and it’s a lot of space and it’s quiet most of the time, so that’s nice.  Naturally, the room is not perfect: my suitemate is really bad about using a shit-ton of toilet paper (ha!  puns), the shower will probably rip off your nipples, and there’s some sort of substance underneath my sink.  But, all in all, it’s nice here and everyone on my floor is really pleasant and happy about life, so that’s nice.

I had the whole ‘exclusivity’ conversation this week.  That was really cool and fancy.  Donovan’s a sweetheart; he really, really is.  I’m very happy with the situation.  I’m just worried that this is going to create certain divides with friends of mine (both down here at school and elsewhere) and I don’t want that to happen.  I’m trying not to worry about that, but I am a little bit.  I don’t know.  It’s easier not to worry when he’s around.  Gah.  That sounds cheesy.

It’s funny.  I keep writing about how I need to stop worrying about the future and just focus on the here and now (and preferably the good parts of ‘here’ and ‘now’).  I hope I manage to pull it off one day.

I’ll be home for Thanksgiving in a week.  I’m kind of excited about parent/friend/kitty time, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to come to fisticuffs with Grandpa over Thanksgiving dinner.


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  1. Asbjorn
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 01:27:09

    Paige said you had a new beau and that he sounded good. Our life is pretty much all Piper all the time these days. Week after this (tgiving) Paige is training down and we are driving to Mississippi to see Bob and Arlene.

    It does sound like things are going okay for you. I am happy about that, you should be having some fun at this point in time.

    I am currently listening to MP3s made from my new USB turntable. It is gratifying, though so far pretty difficult to use. I’m sure I’ll learn to use it and do better. Meanwhile it is gratifying to hear some of the old music again.

    And I am glad you got a new room. What an epic struggle that was, eh? Anyway, take care and have some serious fun.


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