my losing streak is done

So here’s what’s new in my life right now.

I’m doing pretty well in directing class, which is new and different.  Apparently, I’m being held to higher status than my classmates.  Which is scary.

I’m actually prepared for class tomorrow.  Again: new and different.

I’m dating this guy.  He’s really, really nice.  I think we’re kind of serious.  I don’t know how that happened, but that’s okay.

I’m going home this weekend to see my kitty and puppy.  So much win.

Roommate and I are getting along right now.  That’s weird.

So yeah.  That’s about it with me right now.

Oh.  Yeah.  And.



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  1. Stacy
    Nov 05, 2008 @ 14:27:23

    Can I just say how disgusted I am with many republicans right now? I realize that their candidate didn’t win, and that they are disappointed, but I have seen multiple statuses on facebook saying things like “I’m scared” and “My fellow republicans, hang in there and don’t let the bigots get you down”. Seriously. Just be happy that, even if it’s not the change you wanted, that this country is GOING to change, and for the better, since Bush will be out of office.

    And one final rant: OBAMA IS NOT A SOCIALIST DAMMIT!


  2. Asbjorn
    Nov 16, 2008 @ 02:45:32

    I believe there is a significant racist minority in the american south. I suspect that there will be at least one lynching of the old style in the next year. My friends from the sixties and seventies all believe that BO will probably be at least attempted to be assassinated. That is the nature of the beast that is america. We are glad that this is a minority, but they are out there right now. Be vigilant people. They will try and get control and next time it will be even worse than GWB. There will be concentration camps for dems and black folk and the only good chicano will be one that sells out his brown brothers.

    Meanwhile, support the man in the White House as long as you can and he can. He is going to need our good will because it is going to be fuck hard. The rich people have made it that way, for good and ill (mainly ill). I am mighty moody myself. Hard to believe this year happened. But it did. It reminded us that most people are interested in competence above all else. I don’t think Obama won because black folk voted for him. I believe he won because most folks looked at him and McC and saw that he was the calmer, more rational man and we so desire someone who’s not a snickering idiot. Sarah P. helped too. There was some real fear of her in the repub ranks. You could see it breaking out occasionally.

    Hope you are well, Kiri. As always we think the best of you and for you. Tim


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