maybe she’s gone to mars

The past twenty-four hours have been exceptional.

Clarky came to town.  I haven’t gotten to see him since summer.  He’s in town until Saturday afternoon.  We’ve been nerdy and elitist since he got here, and it’s been really wonderful to have his presence around again.  He’s a good person for me to be around.  In addition to that, Bozarth called me last night to inform me that he was driving down south to come see me.  Awesome!  He was only here until three or so this morning, but it was wonderful to get to see him and do a little bit of catching up.  He’s been having a rough time back at home.  I worry about him sometimes.  And now my college friends don’t think I made him up.  That’s always nice.

Tonight we’re having a little party at the apartment where Clarky’s staying: nothing terribly exciting, but it should be fun.  Then there’s No Shame tonight at the theatre building, and I’m going to read a piece I wrote with a friend of mine.  My playwrighting class heard the first version, but I did a massive rewrite (as per my teacher’s request) and I think it’s a lot better now.  More mysterious.  Kind of creepy.  I like it.  I’m sure that’s Randy’s influence.

My buddy Tony is driving up from Birmingham.  He should be in sometime this evening; maybe even coming to No Shame.  We’re supposed to go grab breakfast tomorrow morning, which’ll be good.  He’s a good guy.  I’m in guy-friend heaven right now.  I’ve seen almost all of my boys this weekend.  It makes me so wondrously happy.

It is glorious outside.  Low 70s, breezy, sunny, but pleasantly so.  I’ve got the windows wide open and am loving the fact.  I also got to pet a six-month-old husky baby.  Oh my goodness.  I may or may not have cried out of joy.  I’ll never tell.

You know, I hate to admit this?  But physical contact really does do wonders for your mental condition.


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  1. erik
    Nov 01, 2008 @ 03:02:39

    americans are STARVED for affection. get some, get some!


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