i’m stuttering again

Midsummer‘s been going pretty well, all things considered.  We’ve had an abnormally large number of mishaps happening backstage (of special note: my headset deciding not to let me speak and having to send a crew member to the hospital with a kidney infection).  The audience seems to be enjoying it, though, so that’s good.  Two more shows and I’m free for the semester.  Cannot wait.

This week is going to be crazy.  I have so much to do between now and Monday and I have no time to do it.  I’m trying to keep on top of things, but it’s hard.  Oh, well.  It’ll be fine.

I stayed in bed until noon.  Then I read a play.  It was awesome.  Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl.  You should go read it.  I think the rest of my afternoon will be spent taking a shower and eating something before going to rehearsal.  I live a very exciting life.

You should listen to the Avett Brothers.


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