drill a tiny hole into your head

It’s hot.

I’m currently in my underwear, laying on the linoleum floor more or less spread-eagled in a vain attempt to cool down.  I am so very, very glad I didn’t have time to take a shower this morning.  It would’ve been a real waste of water.  To make matters even worse, the university is getting ready to switch the cooling system to a heating system, so my air conditioning isn’t working properly.  Really, SIU?  Really?  I’ve got it going full blast and getting little more than a March breeze out of it.  Mother truckers.

So here’s what’s been happening to me since last we met.

Housing called me a couple days ago to tell me that they had found me a room.  I went in, got all the information, found out what I had to do.  Pretty groovy, huh?  At least it was until we discovered that my new single room currently has two people living in it.  Thanks, Housing.  Thanks.  I was swiftly informed that this was, of course, nobody’s fault (I resisted laughing in his face and screaming at him) and that they could move me into another double room instead.  The room they offered me is in the same dorm as Chelsea’s brother.  Because that would so totally solve my problems.  Upon asking if I could move in to said room and still stay on the list for a single in the event that a single opens up, Fat Douche said, ‘So do you’re just gonna stay in your current room, then?’  …THANKS, HOUSING.  THANKS.

So I’m still living with Chelsea.  She’s being abnormally nice to me right now.  Probably because she’s decided she can’t live without me.  Jesus.  I wrote to my scholarship coordinator about the whole situation and I’m hoping to hear back from here soon.  Hopefully then some other poor sap won’t be going through the same nonsense I am right now.

I got to see the Avett Brothers, though.  That was fantastic.  So much pee.

I’m more or less constantly sick right now.  This is due to the fact that the temperature is anywhere between 45 and 90 degrees at present.  My body is freaking out all the time.  I’m trying to stay hydrated constantly, mostly because it makes my throat stop hurting for half a second.  Unfortunately, we have to use a Brita filter because the lake water tastes so bad.  Of course, the water still tastes bad even with a filter, but at least it’s cold and more or less non-toxic.

American Theatre is boring.  At least until the Provincetown Players.  That is all I’ve learned in American Theatre History.  Well, that and Nathaniel Hawthorne totally did Ralph Waldo Emerson.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. erik
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 23:19:14

    emerson was, of course, pitching.


  2. Asbjorn
    Sep 18, 2008 @ 18:01:28

    What a charming image to start this post. Glad to know you are conserving water for the good of the nation state and all. Sorry bout the roommate situation dragging in. Your experience with university housing is pretty much mine and everybody’s experience with university housing. Of course, you are getting it paid for, so why not take that double room and tell her brother that you need him to get out of your life? I feel for you. I really do. Life sucks quite often. We’ve had a tough week with little pixie girl turning into the phantom of the opera or something. Plus I got sick, fever 104, and now I’m sitting around trying to figure it all out. As usual. Take care. Tim


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