don’t go revenging in my name

I went to housing yesterday to see if they could at all expedite the process of me moving out (yes, there was another incident.  This will never, ever end).  Of course, I came up at a complete dead end and ended up getting completely patronised by some fat douche in an ugly tie.  It’s times like these that I wonder why I’m staying at this school.  And then I remember: oh, yeah: it’s free.  Is it bad that this is the primary reason I’m staying down here?  I’m so frustrated with the department right now in the way they go about choosing shows and how suddenly juvenile nearly all of my fellow students have become, I feel little to no attachment to the place.  Obviously, living conditions are obscene and if someone who’s flippin’ job it is to listen to me and help me won’t do that, what’s the point in having any faith whatsoever in the administration of my chosen school?  I’m sorry, guys, but it’s pretty shitty P.R. if this is how you treat the students you take such pains to compliment as ‘the best and brightest’.

My tolerance for being bullshitted is dropping faster than my hydration levels this week.

I’ve been pretty sick recently.  I’m not entirely sure what’s going on; I’m hoping it’s just the typical seasonal change shit I get all the time.  After all, two days ago it was in the high 80s down here, and today it’s a balmy 66.  If that’s not going to fuck with my system, nothing will.  It’s just weird because it’s all in my throat.  That makes me nervous.  I’ve also been getting wicked bad girl cramps.  Which, you know, happen and all, but usually they’re only saying, ‘Oh, yeah.  Hey.  You’re a girl’, instead of now when they’re saying, ‘FUCK YOU, KIRI, EAT MY SHORTS’.

I do not want to eat your shorts, cramps.  They’re my shorts, too, and I need them for things.

Gah.  Gross.  Being a girl is flippin’ gross.  For anyone who’s thinking about making a change, I greatly discourage you.  It’s tragically icky.

I really, really want to go see The Avett Brothers when they’re in town here Saturday night.  Now I just need someone to go with.  Damn.  Why are all of my concert-going friends out of town in places where there are many good concerts???

Shut up.  I did not just answer my own question.


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  1. Asbjorn
    Sep 18, 2008 @ 17:54:43

    Hey Kiri, you’d be surprised at how gross being a boy, particularly in the years where you are producing seminal fluid at a rapid rate, are. Plus the smell of the teen boy in rut is really pretty disturbing, though perhaps to the teen girl in rut it works. Don’t know about that. I do think being a female has its harder moments. Kimb sometimes has terrible cramps. Get a heating pad. Today I am sick, myself. And it sucks. But, a chance to see this blog again. You can tell your cramps, for me, that all that dark information is just not helping anything out.


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