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I hate that too tired to sleep stage of exhaustion.  It’s where I’m at right now.  Unfortunately, it’s also where I live most of the time.  Gross.

Had another late night last night, made later by the fact that my roommate decided at three a.m. that ‘we needed to talk’, despite the fact that I was ass-deep in Amiri Baraka and trying to write a paper for Segun.  Of course, my concentration was killed and paper did not get finished until about 4.30.  Jesus.  I had the worst vertigo today; you do not even know.  The number of times I almost fell down stairs was ASTRONOMICAL.

The good news is I’m supposed to be hearing from housing sometime this week about where my new home will be.  Yay!  I’m excited.  I’ll have to go buy a fridge once I get there, but that’s okay.  I’m planning on asking Mum and Da if they can lend me the money for it since things are still rather tight.  It should be pretty fun.  I’m looking forward to refrigerator shopping adventures.  Hurrah.

I’m already ready for Thanksgiving break.  This is kind of sad.  Alas.

I’m going to go quench my sorrows with some old episodes of B-Rated.  One day I will get to Family Video.  Then my sorrows will be quenched with The Shield.


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  1. erik
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 18:46:24

    speaking of things that ended at 4:30am, check out the day i had yesterday.
    i was about ready to go to class (poetry yuss!) when my sister-in-law called. her puppy needed the stitches out from her spaying, my brother was gone, and she was afraid to cut them out herself. well, fuck. i knew i was going to be late, but i went over to help. now, the cut was healing on the puppy’s belly, so the sutchers were starting to get swallowed by puppy belly. i couldn’t use regular scissors on them, so i ended up cutting the things out with nail clippers. then i booked it on my bike for class.
    i was riding at a pretty good speed when a parked car in front of me flung open its door. rather than get doored, i bailed out into the street. this was just in time to be almost run over by a limo. yes, a fucking limo. i jumped back to the shoulder of the road, and the bitch who opened his door on me was standing there shaking his finger at me. with all the adrenaline i had going, i kind of snapped on him and let flow a tirade of insults and swear words as he walked away. about the time i threatened to break off his finger if he wagged it at me one more time, i noticed his license plate and the black disc on the trunk of his car. this was an undercover cop i had just threatened. so i got on my bike and booked it again.
    class was good, and afterward i headed to my next one, which is a fifteen minute walk away, and which starts ten minutes after the first class. i get to the building, and i notice the student u-passes are ready. i was broke, so i needed mine to get on the train and go home, and the school stops giving them out for the day by the time i would get out of class. i tried to walk through the door and found it to be locked. i noticed a new “exit only” sign someone had taped up there. i usually don’t pay attention to whatever bullshit people tape onto the doors at school, understand. whatever, i looked kind of dumb, but no big deal. until the security guard busts me out and calls me an idiot in front of about fifty people. i calmly tell her that being a cunt about it was a nice touch, and i walk away. only she and another woman start laughing at me when they think i’m out of earshot. “oh, i love you,” said the woman to the guard. so i said, “well i don’t love her. i think she’s a fucking bitch…” and i let loose another storm of insults and swears and i end up getting ejected from the building. i said i was leaving anyway, fuck it. of course i wasn’t. i needed to get to class; i just didn’t want to get dragged out of the building by more guards and possibly get into some sort of trouble with the school. so i walk around the building, back into it, and up the stairs to my class. bitch guard didn’t see me.
    after all of this, i decided it would be a good idea to nullify the rest of the day and get drunk. so i asked an alcoholic friend if he was down to go in on some beers, and he was. so i head over to his place. of course, the my train breaks down, and what should have been a fifteen minute trip turns into an hour and a half. but fuck it, because i finally get to my boy’s place, and commence to imbibe.
    we were sitting on his balcony watching the trannies and coke dealers at the gay club next door, when we noticed it was $1 drink night. of course, we had to go check it out. but when we got to the entrance i saw there was a cover. not much. $5. but i only wanted one cocktail, and i didn’t want to cough up 6 bucks for it. so i take, quite literally, two seconds to think about it before the bouncer tells me to give him money or leave. at this point in our story, i was in a rather shitty mood from everything that happened earlier. and then the bouncer pushed me. so i ran my mouth again, got in his face, and this time i was physically taken out of the building. i didn’t even get in before i got kicked out. fuck. i decided to call it a night before anything else happened, and i made my way back home. luckily, i didn’t get mugged or raped or anything on the way back. i got to bed right around the time you were finishing your paper.
    p.s. good job on getting the fuck out of that apartment. i got a little tired of chelsea at your birthday party. i don’t know how you ever lived with her.


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