back to the grind

I had a really good, relatively relaxing weekend at home.  Ate really, really shitty-for-me food; cuddled my kitty; petted my puppy; only got irritated at my mother once; hung out with Paiga; drank homemade limeade; saw the Osburn/Britton (sp?) clan; hugged my favourite five-year-old; had some pretty hilarious conversations; started watching The Shield: Season 6.  It was nice.  I really didn’t want to come back to school, but here I am.  I’m desperately hoping that this week is less crazy than last week, though, to be honest, it really wouldn’t take much.

My roommate isn’t back from home yet.  I’m pretty excited about this.  It’s just very, very awkward.  For those of you who are not yet informed on all that happened, we made up (kind of) Thursday night, but the whole fiasco ended in her tearful announcement that she is, in fact, in love with me and that’s why she doesn’t want me to move out.  I, of course, being me, think this is an AWESOME reason to move out, and am only further convinced that University Housing cannot call me soon enough.  Oh no, sweet Jeebus, they cannot.  Until the time of my exodus, however, I will live in a vague amount of fear and a massive amount of discomfort.  I now feel that I cannot even change clothes in my room as this will do nothing more than to feed her hunger for whatever sexual acts she perceives we could have.  Being an appreciator of the female form myself, I admit than when a girl happens to disrobe in my presence, I take a peek.  I do.  It’s not something I’m proud of by any means, but it’s also not something that happens a great deal.  I try not to watch Chelsea change because, ha ha, I live with her and having to put up with that kind of shit on a daily basis would get really, really old (at least to me).  I also have no feelings whatsoever for her.  Now I’m feeling like taking off my clothes in front of her would somehow encourage these feelings she apparently/supposedly has for me and would also make me a giant tease.  I am not a tease.  Or, rather, I can be a tease, but that’s only when I want to really rial someone up and she does not happen to be a person I want to rial up.  

This does, however, put me in a rather uncomfortable position as she will, no doubt, notice my sudden change in changing habits and probably call me out on it.  Which is also awkward.  There’s a lot of awkward going on around here.  Which is why I didn’t want to go home because there is little to no awkwardness there especially in my room (which is where I find myself getting naked most of the time).

I also don’t have any of my homework done.  This adds to the not-wanting-to-come-back-to-school thing.

However, I am soon to acquire some pretty adorable notebooks and also get to see my friend Steve, both of which seem pretty g-ddamn majestic right about now.  I’m also rather excited about the quick nap I’m about to take.  Mmm…  Nap.

I can’t wait to get back to Family Video.  It is a place of mirth and wonder.  

Speaking of roommate, here she is.  Jeez.


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